General Services

EPS offers the following general Services:

Flotation scoping test work Test series that aims to answer basic questions like:

– can we use flotation to upgrade a specific mineral?
– are we using the correct dosage ranges for reagents?
– are we using the best feed size to our plant?
– what are the effects of each reagent?

Independent results verification Independent evaluation and verification of third-party results
Independent quality control Independent evaluation of the performance of the same reagent from the same supplier from different production batches
Generating milling curves Data that indicates the expected breaking pattern of a sample over time
Grind analysis A test series that evaluates if you are using the correct feed size for the mineral that you are treating
Grind optimization A test series that determines which feed size range allows for the best recovery of minerals
Flocculent selection test work Bench scale test series that identifies the best fit flocculent to use in your dewatering process
Mineral processing evaluation Identifying the best fit (most economically viable) processing route (flotation, infrared sorting, reflux classification, etc.) to upgrade the mineral you are looking to treat

All of these services can be performed on-site if you have the required equipment available.