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Engineered Process Solutions (EPS) specialize in the froth flotation of complex minerals and metals (base metal oxides (copper, lead, zinc, etc.), industrial minerals (Fluorspar, Phosphate, etc)).

We have an extensive base of practical operational knowledge and understanding, with project involvement spanning 36 mines across the world (including Glencore, ENRC, First Quantum, Vedanta, etc). We identify areas of improvement through onsite process evaluation combined with laboratory testing and specialize in being able to upscale those solutions and implementing them on an industrial scale.

To improve your process efficiency, we like to start by exploring the free tools at your disposal (such as level control, air-flow rate control, reagent interaction investigation, etc.) before considering costly alternatives.

Our projects are conducted by Professional Engineers who are registered with The Engineering Council of South Africa. They have comprehensive onsite experience in operating and improving complex base metal oxides (malachite, azurite, cuprite, chrysocolla) and industrial minerals (fluorspar, apatite, spodumene, lithium) flotation mines.

We aim to form technical partnerships with our clients, that allow us to combine our experience in innovative ways to develop tailor-made, long-term solutions to your flotation projects.

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General Services

EPS offers a variety of general flotation services that aim to answer basic flotation questions.

We conduct scoping studies and produce reports that shareholders can use to make informed decisions.

We approach these projects in a practical manner and ensure that the results can easily be upscaled to an industrial level.Read More »


Specialised Services

EPS offer specialised services that address the more complex situations that arise from base metal oxide and poly-metallic flotation processes.

Our accredited professional project lead ensures that practically implementable solutions are found to your specific project needs.

Our goal is to find the most sustainable way to address your project need, focusing on long-term solutions rather than wasting your time with “quick-fixes” that don’t last.Read More »


Project Coordination

Too many times one company designs a process, and another executes and commissions the design.

And too many times the commissioning team struggle to reproduce the design results which delays commissioning unnecessarily. Having one company responsible for the coordination, management and execution of a project ensures continuity. It ensures responsibility and accountability.

EPS Projects are willing to take that responsibility and be accountable for the progress of your project. Freeing up your time to engage with investors, while we manage the technical aspects for you.Read More »


Operational Training

Your operational staff are the ones that look after your production assets on a daily basis. They engage and manage it on your behalf.

If you look after them by empowering them with the tools to maximise site availability and efficiency, they will, in turn, look after you and run your flotation plant to its potential.

It is much cheaper to train your operators to recognise a change in your production conditions than it is to recover a production day lost.

Help your operators to help you – empower them to help you – train them to help you.Read More »


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