At EPS, we understand the importance of cost-effective solutions and we approach our projects with this mindset. We aim to identify small changes that are affordable and easy to implement. We help you to develop a stepwise implementation strategy, with minimal disruption to production schedules and targets.

We also believe that solutions need to be sustainable. Long-term, workable solutions should minimise risk, improve profitability and promote good operational practices. If there is no (long-term) benefit, why invest the money?

We have extensive operational experience that ranges from feed ore blending strategy development to grinding circuit investigations, milling circuit optimization right through to final product blending specifications and quality control. Our Project Lead understands how these units work together and affect the efficiency of the other process units it serves. We develop projects with the big picture in mind and generate solutions that are practically implementable.


RELIABILITY: To be a reliable technical partner to our clients;

INNOVATION: to find innovative ways to apply our knowledge and experience;

EXCELLENCE: to improve industry standards by providing an excellent quality of work and customer service to our clients;

EFFICIENCY: to do this efficiently, with minimum disruption to production


To develop long-term, cost-effective, sustainable solutions that meet our client’s process needs.

JD Gresse

Projects Manager

Hi, my name is JD, and I have specialized in operational improvement projects on flotation mines all over the world. I have successfully managed projects for clients like Glencore, ENRC, First Quantum and many more.

I have spent the bulk of my career developing a unique understanding of complex base metal oxide and industrial mineral flotation systems.

Having first-hand experience in various divisions of operations- including production, management and consulting – means I understand that minimizing production disruption is a critical component of any solution consideration This understanding drives me to develop solutions for our clients that are affordable, practical and make good business sense.
I head up EPS Projects division.

Get in contact, I always enjoy connecting with new professionals.